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Reservation & Payment Procedure

The following are the rules & regulations for booking the BELDIH RESIDENCY.

  • The verbal booking or cancellation or telephonic booking cancellation would remain tentative until the conformation or cancellation of booking is sent by email or written application, with valid details of guest. E.g. Name of guest, time of arrival, departure, contact details & mode of payment etc.
  • The payment of the guest can be made by CASH/CHEQUE (In favour of BELDIH CLUB.)/CREDIT CARD & TRANSFER TO MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNT ONLY.
  • The CHECK OUT time is 12 NOON. Extended hours of stay, or request of extended days of booking will be entertained subject to availability of the room only. The right of cancelling the reservation lies on Beldih Club Management.
  • The bookings are on the first come first serve basis.
  • The company booking will be entertained only with valid Company Booking Code or letter from authorised personnel of the company on company letterhead or email received from an authorised person only.
  • The corporate bookings need to specify the tentative date of payment for their booking, failing which an interest of 15 % per annum will be charged per month.
  • The cancellation of confirmed reservation will be charged as under :
    • 7Days or above – 25% of room revenue.
    • Less than 7 days to 2 days – 50% of the room revenue.
    • Less than two days of booking – 100% of room revenue.
  • The Beldih Residency venue booking is to be conformed subject to payment of 100% advance of charges & additional security deposit of Rs 6000/- (returnable) after the event subject to proper handover of the venue.
  • The banquet billing of Beldih Residency (Food & Beverage) for any event could not be settled in mode of cash, Credit Card, Cheque or Transfer to Membership account only.