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Children's Room

The Children’s Corner at Beldih Club is always occupied outside school hours. It is here that young minds are allowed to roam free, inventing original games or giving vent to their imagination with creative arts and crafts, making music or just indulging their interests and hobbies.

Children Corner Rules & Regulation:

  • No footwear allowed inside the children corner. Footwear to be kept in the cupboard kept outside for this purpose.
  • No Ayahs/Maids are allowed inside the children corner.
  • No Eatables/Beverages are allowed inside the children corner.
  • Timings 5 PM – 10 PM. (Closed on Monday).
  • Only 1 person at a time is permitted to use the computer/synthesizer.
  • Member are required to sign for usage of the following items:-
    • DVD’s, Cd’s, Games etc.
    • No outside CD’s/DVD’s would be allowed.
    • Children are requested not to temper with the settings/display of the computer.
    • Breakages/Damages of any item will be charges to the members in his bill.