Chairman's Message

Dear Members,

It is my privilege to welcome all members to the 96th Annual General Meeting of the Beldih Club

It is with a very heavy heart that we inform all members that we lost our General Manager, Abhishek Banerjee in a tragic road accident on 17th May-16. Abhishek Banerjee was a tremendous asset to the Club and had built a very defining equity amongst the club members. His positive attitude and commitment enabled the club to implement several improvements and build cooperative relationship with all the stakeholders. Abhishek is survived by his wife, a 11 year old son and his parents. On behalf of the committee I convey our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. May I request all members to rise to observe a 2 minutes silence as a mark of respect and to remember Abhishek.

The Annual Report for 2015-16 reflects the efforts made by the management of Beldih Club to provide the members with an excellent experience. The focus has been on executing the basics well, and to be even more responsive to feedback from our members. This has reflected in larger no of members' participation in the various club events throughout the year. We would like to thank all the members for their patronage and support.

The financials of the club have shown an improvement. While the topline has been stable, cost remains an area of continued focus. The club has managed to generate a surplus of Rs 2 lakhs in 2015-16 as opposed to a deficit of Rs.9 lakhs thereby recording a positive swing of Rs 11 lakhs over last year.

The salient features of the audited annual report are as under.


Sl. No. Particulars 2015-2016
( Lakhs)
( Lakhs)
1 Annual Surplus before Dep. & Tax 18.79 25.50
2 Depreciation& Tax 16.82 34.40
3 Annual Surplus after Dep. & Tax 1.97 -8.90
4 Gross Income from Restaurant 95.53 69.18
5 Gross Income from Bar 43.89 58.17
6 Gross Income from Tobacco & Soft Drinks 7.69 4.90
7 Member's Subscription 100.40 95.38
8 Receipts from Beldih Residency 102.00 104.96
9 Interest on:
  i) Fixed Deposits 40.22 36.60
  ii) Rent received 4.30 4.82
10 Expenditure on
  i) Wages & salaries 280.94 222.04
  ii) Medical aid to staff 25.64 22.90
  iii) Movies 19.38 16.10