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Billiards & Snooker

Billiards & Snooker: The Billiards Room is a special draw for guests seeking relaxing games. The green baize top soothes the eye on a hot summer’s day as Snooker players pot balls or rub French chalk on Billiards cues in air-conditioned comfort.

Billiards Rules & Regulation

  • All beginner players must undergo training from the billiards room marker; till the marker gives approval for unsupervised play. It would be the discretion of the marker / member-in-charge billiards room to give such approval.
  • All new players (Non-beginners) must get approval of member-in-charge to play.
  • Dependant members need a letter from parents to allow play.
  • Children below 14 are not allowed inside the billiards room.
  • Dependant members may play only on table 2 unless specifically allowed by member-in-charge billiards.
  • No player will be allowed to play more than one frame if there are other players waiting.
    Dress Code/Decorum
  • No flip flops/slippers/chappals allowed at any time.
  • No sleeveless T-Shirts allowed for Men/Boys at any time.
  • No sports shorts allowed at any time.
  • Bermundas allowed before 6:00pm.
  • Smart casuals/jeans/trousers etc. should be worn in the billiards room.
  • Drinks as per the club rules can be brought inside the billiards room.
  • Snacks (non oily/no sauces) like dry nuts/peanuts/wafers may be ordered.
  • Under NO circumstances can food/drinks be kept at any place on the billiards table. This is a serious issue. And if not followed will invite disciplinary action.
  • 10:30am to 02:00pm
  • 04:00pm to 10:00pm
  • (Closed on Monday)